Friday, November 1, 2013

Here It Is...An Adoption Book For Children!

So...drum roll please!!!! My book is finished! As can now purchase it! It is on the virtual shelves! I am really excited, if you can't tell by all of the exclamation points. I have put a lot of time, thought, and prayer into this little project of mine.

I truly hope that it helps moms and dads introduce their tiny blessings to the most special way that they became their children. I equally hope that it is a tool to explain to biological children that families are created in different ways-and that each way is simply amazing.

I hope that you will get a copy and enjoy it...and share it with friends! Here it is...

You can purchase my book on Amazon here 
OR you can purchase it through Create Space here
The first 20 people at Create Space can use code GLSHNG6C for 20% off!
And that is not all! I have handmade dolls available that look like two of the characters in the book. How stinkin' adorable are they?
And for you only...a sneak peek at my title page so that you can see how much these precious dolls look like my book characters...
Please email me your thoughts if you get a chance to read my little story...and it would be awesome if you would leave a review!!! Thanks so much for following...