Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's A Bird, It's A Plane...No--It's Better!

I know that I talk a lot about my kids, because they are my world right now. But I have not forgotten where I was before...

I do want everyone to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is a beautiful family waiting there. But I also want you to know that I was at one time in that dark place--and now I am not. Thank you Jesus!

At the time, I could only see what was going on right around me. It was as though I was in a dark subway tunnel. I could see my immediate surroundings, but not the entire sunshiny world above. God was working on the whole picture, but I just couldn't see it. I felt the cold darkness, but no sunshine. I know that some of you can relate.

I was having a conversation about infertility with a lady recently. She had not experienced it personally. I was discussing the possibility of having an infertility/adoption group at church. The pastor of the church discussed the fact that the 'grieving team' was going to be amped up to help people who had lost loved ones, and that this class could deal with another grieving milestone in life. The lady that I was speaking to could not see the similarity. I explained that she couldn't unless she had been there.

People that have not experienced infertility cannot understand what it does to you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Loneliness. This is the one of the main feelings felt by women experiencing infertility.

I watched a Louie Giglio video in my Sunday School class this week. If you have never seen him speak, look him up... he is great!( Louie Giglio ) This particular series is called 'Lift' . In it, he is discussing the importance of always keeping your eyes looking upward.

If you are looking down, you can get completely bogged down in the things of this world-the troubles, the disappointments, the hurt.

But if you keep your eyes on Him, your focus changes. What you are going through may still be hard, but looking at it through Him makes it more bearable-and may possibly even bring clarity.

He gave a few examples. One was Daniel in the lion's den.(Daniel 6)

When Daniel was thrown into the lion's den, he continued to look up and have faith in God. How hard would that be? I don't think that I would have taken my eyes off of the lions...but he kept his focus up.

Infertility feels a bit like a lions den-or an underground subway. It is cold and lonely. Even though you may be surrounded by people, they cannot give you comfort. They are all getting on and off of the train with their new families, and you are left wondering which train to take.

But if you keep your focus up, you can find peace. Because God is the only one that can bring it.

Oh, and can he bring it!

Another example that Louie Giglio used was Stephen.(Acts 7) He was in the process of being stoned. But he held on to God. And even though he was, in fact, stoned to death, he was okay because he was in the presence of God.  God helped him "fall asleep" and all of a sudden he was with Him.

You can't be more okay than that, right?

In the midst of my heartbreak, I had no idea that while I was praying for a child, my daughters birth mother was wondering what she was going to do with another one.

While I was pleading to God to please let me be a mother, she was wondering how she could provide for another mouth. I couldn't see what was going on, but God had it.

So if you are struggling--keep your eyes--and your spirits up. God is busily orchestrating an amazing outcome for you.

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