Monday, February 25, 2013

Date night

Nick and I had a date recently. The kids were staying with his parents, so we didn't have to pay for a babysitter...SCORE! I was so excited! These date nights are rare around our house, and a free babysitter is amazing! To top it off, we were going to see one of our favorite bands--Little Big Town. I could not wait for a night "away". (By the way, their concert is so much fun, if you're looking for something to do.)

We were having a great time, catching up with each other and "people watching", when a phenomenon happened. It actually happens every time that we have a date night. It starts with a sentence...usually it goes something like this..."You will never believe what Sister did the other day..." It continues with laughs and smiles and soon becomes a full fledged conversation about none other than the kids that we were "getting away" from.

Isn't that ridiculous? We want to get away so bad, but then we can't stop talking about the little stinkers.

Kids change you in so many ways. You are never the same.

Priorities change, goals change, thoughts change, everything changes. It is a slow process, but all of a sudden you wake up and don't know how to be "you"-- without them. I feel like my kids are a physical part of my right leg. Which they incidentally are sometimes:). When I don't have them with me, which is not often, I feel completely naked.

My mom always says that once you are a mom, you are a mom forever. She proves this statement by still telling me not to go out late alone, and to remember to lock my car doors...

But she is absolutely right...I am always thinking about them. When I go shopping, I no longer go to the shoes or clothing for me--but for them. When buying groceries, I stop to grab a surprise for them. When deciding what to pick up for lunch, I choose their favorite place. When listening to the radio, it is veggietales or the like, for them. Don't even get me started on our television choices--positively for them.

Life changes.

Understatement of the decade, right?

But why does life change so drastically? Because of love. It is a deep seeded love that I have for these children. I want to make them happy. I want to smother them with kisses. I want them to have the best childhood ever. I want their every moment to be sweet. I want them to have all that I had--and all that I didn't. I want--for them, where I used to want for me.

The love for your children is unlike any other type of love. And once again, I am reminded that this is what the Father feels for me. He wants me to be happy. He wants to smother me with love. He wants me to have an amazing life. He wants my moments to be sweet. And He wants--for me.

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