Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

As I got everyone loaded into the car this morning, I saw 2 envelopes with my name on them on my steering wheel.  I put them in the cup holder, and continued to wrangle kids into 5-point harnesses.  I got them all buckled, backpacks at their feet, and jumped into the drivers seat for the journey to school.  I grabbed my French-pressed coffee and took a swig hoping that it would help me get through the school drop off escapade.

As I approached the first red light on my path, I opened the first envelope.  I will not divulge all that was written on my Valentine's day card, as I think that is of no interest to anyone.  And I am not one to brag on my husband, because that is not who I am. (I obviously found him amazing, or I wouldn't have married him:))

But as I read my card at the light, I had to laugh.  As I was leaving the driveway, I thought about how different life is now.  In my "pre-kids" life, I would have gotten into the car, primped and prime, I might add. I would have opened the card as soon as I got in and soaked in every word.  I would have smiled, maybe even laughed out loud at a shared joke between us.  Then I would have driven to Starbucks to order my Skinny White Chocolate Mocha, with a smile on my lips and thoughts of him on my mind. 

I did laugh at the card and think of him today. 

Even though it did take me a few red lights to get both of the cards read, I finally got to the handwritten note that said,"Flowers die...or don't last long if the kids find them. Candy gets the kids if they find it..." Then he gave me a little cash to go buy Starbucks or anything else that I wanted for me

It was so funny to me that his words expressed my thoughts of how life has changed.

Back in my "pre-kids" life, I would have searched high and low for the most amazing and meaningful gift to give him on Valentine's day.  It would probably have included a cookie cake from The Great American Cookie Company--you know the one, and something that would have surely knocked him off of his feet.  But this year, I have a card waiting on him when he gets home, a house full of kids, and me, a mommy who lives in a constant state of exhaustion. 

I no longer have the time or energy to search for that perfect gift, or the patience to enter the mall with three screaming kids to purchase that cookie cake.  But when he gets home, he has three little stinkers that run up to him and yell,"Daddy!!!" 

Pretty even exchange, don't ya think?

In our "pre-kids" life, we had a lot of time for each other, and frankly-- just more time. But what we didn't have left a hole in our hearts.  We wanted to have the "pitter patter" of little feet all around our house.  And now we have them! I try to remember this in those stressful moments, I try to remember how much more love we have now--and I thank God for his faithfulness.

"Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies."--Psalm 36:5

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