Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ride Out the Storm!

We took our oldest two children to the circus this past weekend. The excitement in the air was magical, and as the show started, I couldn't pull my eyes away from the faces of my children.

 I was missing the 'Greatest Show on Earth', and I couldn't even watch it--because I was watching something better. 

The look on my kids' faces was amazement, wonder, awe, joy!  It made me so happy to see the twinkle of joy reflecting in their eyes.  I know that the people around me thought that I was a crazy woman because the show was in the center of the ring, and I kept taking pictures of my childrens' faces. But I never wanted to forget those looks of joy. 

Then I wondered, 'Is this how God feels about us when he sees our joy?' I think so.  I believe that he cannot pull his eyes away because our joy makes him so happy. 

I believe that when His plan for a family for us came together, he smiled and thought, 'I told you that I had this.' I believe that when the tears of joy fell down my face as they rolled my daughter in to meet us, tears flowed down his cheeks too. 

I am sure that He couldn't help but chuckle when he saw the look on my face when I got a positive pregnancy test--because I also think that he has a sense of humor.  We ARE made in His image. 

But I also believe that he feels the hurt along with us.  I think that He was with me for every disappointment on our journey, with arms outstretched and pain in his heart. 

I know this because when my children are upset or hurting, I want to grab them up and snuggle them into my chest to let them know that it is going to be okay.  Because mommy has this.  She will do everything in her power and more to see that they are happy and healthy.  If I feel that way about my children, how much more does he feel that way about them...and about me?


It is hard to even imagine.  He does not want us to go through hard times, just like we don't want that for our children.  But we know that those lessons usually turn out for the better and build character for them--just as they do for us.  I know that it is hard to remember this when we are walking through that storm, because as humans, we cannot see the 'big picture'.  And some storms are almost unbearable.  But just remember that the storm won't last forever--the sun is right around the corner!

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